2012 Milla Merlot

Milla Merlot – SOLD OUT

Fresno County, Milla Vineyard

$75 per 5 gallon frozen must bucket – SOLD OUT

15 pails remaining in Canada

Harvested September 4th, 2012: Brix 26, pH 4.12 and TA .58 (Winemaking Below)

The Milla Vineyard  is located at the border of the Madera and Fresno AVAs in California’s Central Valley. The yields at this vineyard are low for the area coming in at generally less than 5 tons per acre. The vineyard is also smaller than most surrounding parcels and the vines are hand tended by the Milla family.

Milla Vineyards planted their Merlot vines seven years ago and have consistently produced expressive fruit ever since. Wine made with Milla’s Merlot grapes has shown excellent fruit on the palate with a dark plum quality while finishing with a hint of earthiness. Considering the almost perfect conditions in 2012, one can only expect even better results this year. Milla currently sells their Merlot for $20 a bottle, but it has been so popular that they are currently sold out.

Madera/ Fresno County is a unique grape growing region. It’s microclimate is bounded and cooled by the San Joaquin River on the southwest and the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east. Warm summer temperatures combined with varied soil types provide a foundation for the full development of grapes.

Winemaking Log (for 5 gallons of must):

Prior to innoculating

– Added .8 liters of water mixed with 23 grams of tartaric acid. This will lower the brix to 24.5 and raise the TA to .78.

– Added .5 grams Lallezyme EX (enzymes designed to increase phenolic extraction and improve mouthfeel)

– Added 5 grams of Optired, an inactivated yeast product intended to stabilize color and improve body.


– added 5 grams of BDX yeast that were rehydrated with 8 grams of Goferm.


– 24 hours after innoculation (first sign of fermentation) added 2.5 grams of FermaidK.

– Added 10 grams of FT Rouge fermentation tannin.

– Fermentation finished in 5 days with a peak temp of 85F.

-Added 2.5 grams of Fermaid K 70 hours into fermentation at 14 brix.

– Pressed after after 9 days on skins.

Settled wine for 48 hours and racked into carboy.

Added 4 grams of Optimalo and innoculated with the Enoferm Alpha malolactic bacteria.

MLF completed 3 weeks after innoculation and we racked of gross lees and added 50 ppm SO2.

Frozen Must and Juice