2012 Malbec

Tracy Hills, McConnell Estate Vineyard

$110 per 5 gallon frozen must bucket (inquire for larger quantities)

Harvested September 16th, 2012: Brix 24, pH 3.95 and TA .68 (Winemaking Below)

Tracy is located in California’s Central Valley but has a climate dramatically different than the rest of the valley. Daily marine winds from the San Francisco Bay come rushing down  the coastal the range through the Altamount Pass and into Tracy. This both fuels the windmills you see driving through and moderates the day and night time temperatures. The Coastal Range and the looming Mt. Diablo to the west also have the effect of creating a rain shadow around Tracy causing the area to only receive about 9 inches of rainfall per year. The low rainfall and deep, well-draining soils of the area create an environment where vine water usage is entirely controlled through irrigation.

Our Malbec comes from the McConnell Estate Vineyard which we took over managing in 2011. The vineyard is small and only produces a couple tons a year, most of which we keep for ourselves, but a small amount is available for purchase.

Winemaking Log (for 5 gallons of must):

While Dethawing

– Added1/4 teaspoon of potassium metabisulfite.

Prior to innoculating

– Added  20 grams of tartaric acid.

– Added 5 grams of Optired, an inactivated yeast product intended to stabilize color and improve body.


– added 5 grams of BDX yeast that were rehydrated with 8 grams of Goferm.


– 24 hours after innoculation (first sign of fermentation) added 2.5 grams of FermaidK.

– Fermentation went very quickly and brix was at 10 after 48 hours. Intended to add 2.5 more grams at around 15 brix.

Pressed off after 7 days on skins.

Settled wine for 48 hours and racked into carboy.

Added 5 grams of optimalo and innoculated with the Enoferm Alpha Malolactic Bacteria.

MLF completed 4 weeks after innoculation and we racked of gross lees and added 50 ppm SO2.

Frozen Must and Juice