2012 Grenache

Grenache – SOLD OUT

Davis, Southern Davis Estate

$110 per 5 gallon bucket of frozen must (SOLD OUT)

Harvested September 6th, 2012: Brix 26, pH 3.93 and TA .48 (Winemaking Below)

The long, hot, and dry growing season that characterizes California’s Central Valley is ideally suited  to ripen Grenache. The variety is also widely planted in North Eastern Spain and South Western France, but is most famous for comprising the majority of the blend in Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines.  Our Grenache is grown by Gene Glaeser, owner of the Putah Creek Winery. Gene carefully limits yields to one cluster per shoot and practices deficit irrigation prior to harvest to produce a Grenache that is fully mature and robust.

The vineyard is planted with Tablas Creek Vineyard Selection C and D clones on rootstock 10114.


Winemaking Log (for 5 gallons of must):

While Dethawing

– Added1/4 teaspoon of potassium metabisulfite.

Prior to innoculating

– Added .8 liters of water mixed with 26 grams of tartaric acid. This will lower the brix to 24.5 and raise the TA to .68.

– Added 5 grams of Optired, an inactivated yeast product intended to stabilize color and improve body.


– added 5 grams of Rockpile yeast that were rehydrated with 8 grams of Goferm.


– 24 hours after innoculation (first sign of fermentation) added 2.5 grams of FermaidK.

– Punched down cap twice daily.

-Added 2.5 grams of Fermaid K 56 hours into fermentation at 12 brix.

– Fermentation finished in 5 days with a peak temp of 89F.

– Pressed after after 7 days on skins.

Settled wine for 48 hours and racked into carboy.

Added 5 grams of optimalo and innoculated with the Enoferm Alpha Malolactic Bacteria.

MLF completed 4 weeks after innoculation and we racked of gross lees and added 50 ppm SO2.

Frozen Must and Juice