2014 Old Vine Carignan

  $150 per 5 gallon pail           SOLD OUT

Mendocino, Talmage Bench

The  Buddha Vineyard – Certified Organic and Dry Farmed

Harvested 10/5/2014                   Brix:  27.2  pH : 3.76, TA:  .47

These vines were planted in 1944 on the upper plateau of the Talmage Bench  right up against the base of the Mayacamas Mountains. The land  was purchased by the City of 10,000 Buddhas in 1974 and now forms part of the organic farming program on their 480 acre Monastery, the largest Buddhist Temple in the Western Hemisphere.

The Talmage Bench is one of California’s signature Old Vine growing areas. Extremely hot and dry days send the vines’ roots reaching 30 feet or more for water in this completely unirrigated patch of land. Cold nights slow down the growing season, providing more hang time and allowing the fruit to hold onto to its acidity. Carignan is naturally a very robust and high yielding varietal. The highest expression of Carignan results from vines that have their crop loads naturally reduced through age and dry farming. This is some intense fruit.

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Frozen Must and Juice