2013 Chenin Blanc

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Clarksburg, CA

Harvested 9/6/2013                        Brix: 19.6, pH: 3.32, TA: .68

We deliberately harvest our Chenin Blanc at lower brix levels to preserve the expression of varietal characteristics and to produce a wine that has balanced alcohol, acidity, and sweetness. Wines made from these grapes exhibit aromas of melon, nectarine, and honey and show a surprisingly round mouth feel with a crisp acid backbone that makes it one the best aging white wines there is.


Chenin Blanc is most famously grown in the heavy clay soils of the Vouvray region of the Loire Valley in North Central France. Like in Vouvray, the Clarksburg region in California also features heavy clay soils, which act to naturally reduce the vine vigor and yields.

Clarksburg Chenin Blanc is one of the most exciting wines coming out of California. Gerald Asher of Gourmet magazine wrote a riveting essay about Clarksburg CB: “The Right Grape in the Right Place.”  Food and wine writer Narsai David describes Clarksburg CB as having “Firm floral aromas with a delicate, fresh melon touch lead to a surprising mouthful of wine. This is not a dainty wine like the California chenin blancs of years ago. It has a beautiful balance of acidity and fruit with a nice backbone.” Tim Patterson also wrote a recent article highlighting CB from Clarksburg.

Chenin Blanc is arguably the most versatile of all grapes. The winemaker has a lot options and needs to be very involved in crafting this wine. Decisions about fermentation temperature and vessel, yeast selection, residual sugar, and MLF are going to dramatically impact the final wine.


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