Making wine with fresh Chilean juice or must this Spring?

Then why not add in a pail of frozen juice or must from Wine Grapes Direct? We’ve got premium frozen grape juice and must for sale year round that is proudly sourced from the finest wine growers on the West Coast. Knowing where your fruit comes from is an essential part of your wine’s story which is why we strive to connect you with the people and places that  grow our grapes. So since you’ve already cleaned out your fermentors and carboys for your fresh Chilean Carmenere juice from M and M Wine grapes or your fresh Chilean Sauvignon Blanc juice from Presque Isle Wine Cellars, be sure to also make space for a batch of Chenin Blanc from Clarksburg or a Sonoma Merlot.

Making Wine from From Frozen Grape Must

Interested in learning how to make real wine anytime of year from frozen grapes and juice? We’ve got you covered with the best fruit and all the ingredients and instructions you’ll need to get started making your own award winning wine at home.

With every pail of frozen grape juice or must we ship in our custom insulated packaging  through FedEx Ground, we also include selected Lallemand yeast strains and all the pre fermentation additions you’ll need to get started.

So whether you’re looking to craft a heavy-hitting Durell Vineyard Syrah / Napa Valley Merlot or just looking to make some super-crisp Clarksburg Chenin Blanc in time for summer sipping we’ve got what you need.

And if you’re worried  about stepping away from the safety of kits don’t be.  With a little bit of extra knowledge and patience, grape winemaking will actually prove more intuitive and satisfying than making a box wine. And of course the results are more impressive for sharing with friends and family.



Frozen Must and Juice