2013 Merlot

Sold Out!      $75 per 5 gallon pail

Fresno, Milla Vinyard

Harvested 9/6/2013                        Brix: 24, pH: 3.8, TA: .4

Ripe Plum is the signature flavor of this unusually small Central Valley vineyard. The fruity character, medium body, and mild acidity make it an ideal, yet distinctive everyday wine.

The Milla Vineyard is located at the border of the Madera and Fresno AVAs in California’s Central Valley. The yields at this vineyard are low for the area, coming in at less than 4 tons per acre. The vineyard is also substantially smaller than the surrounding parcels, allowing the vines to be hand tended and picked by the Milla family. The Millas are third generation Italian Americans with a proud winemaking heritage both in America and the Old World. Today the family strives to produce that “Old World Style” in their vineyard and wines.

milla4Milla Vineyards planted their Merlot vines eight years ago and have consistently produced expressive fruit ever since. Milla currently sells their Merlot for $20 a bottle, but it has been so popular that they are usually sold out before it gets released to the public.

Madera/Fresno County is a unique grape growing region. Its microclimate is bounded and cooled by the San Joaquin River on the southwest and the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east. Warm summer temperatures combined with varied soil types provide a foundation for the full development of grapes.


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