2012 Merlot

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Sonoma Carneros, Sangiacomo Family Vineyards

Merlot Clone 3 on Rootstock 110R

Harvested 10/24/2012                        Brix: 24, pH: 3.8, TA: .55

Our Merlot comes from the Carneros region of Sonoma. The cool nature of the area leads to a later ripening, allowing the grapes to achieve mature flavors. The shallow Zamora clay soils and persistent winds coming off the Sand Pablo Bay limit yields and vine vigor resulting in intense, concentrated fruit. The vines are Merlot clone 3 on rootstock 110R.

For more info on the vineyard and about the 3rd generation Sonoma farmers who grew  this fruit, check out Sangiacomo Family Vineyards.


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