Can I label my Pinot Noir “Biodynamic”?


No, you can’t legally label your Pinot as “Biodynamic”. The word Biodynamic is owned by the non-profit group Demeter-USA and use of the word Biodynamic on wine labels requires that both the farmer (vineyard) and producer (winery) are certified biodynamic by Demeter.

In the case of our 2018 Chehalem Mountain Pinot Noir, the grapes were grown by a certified biodynamic vineyard, but were crushed at a non certified winery so the term “biodynamic” cannot legally be used on a label.
If you’re not interested in official certification, but want to make the wine in the spirit of biodynamic winemaking then you should rely on native yeasts, make no additions or adjustments to the must and only add only up 100 ppm S02 to the wine.
For more information on biodynamic certification, check out