What We Do

WineGrapesDirect sources, freezes, and delivers 100% pure grape must and juice from some of the best vineyards in California, Oregon, and Washington. We don’t do bulk, low-quality wine. We instead use our deep connections in the premium wine industry to buy only the best fruit from the best sites. We then flash freeze that fruit, which increases extraction, allows for better fermentation temperatures, and eliminates spoilage and off-aromas. The end result — must and juice from which you can make outstanding wine.

Our fruit routinely produces wines that win awards from Winemaker Magazine and other juried competitions. Check out our recent awards!

Whether you’re a commercial winemaker or a budding hobbyist, we’ve got the vineyard connections and logistical know-how to get you the fruit you need.

Where do you buy wine grapes, must, and juice for brewing beer? Right here at WineGrapesDirect! We are the largest and most trusted small batch and bulk supplier of wine grapes to commercial breweries across the country. The largest names in the industry buy grapes for brewing beer from WineGrapesDirect. The same wine grapes that make excellent wine also have the best flavors for beer making in the commercial setting or homebrewing. Our grapes are exactly what you need for your beer-wine hyrbrid, wine inspired beer, or sour beer with wine grapes and juice.



Brothers Michael and Andrew Crews are dedicated to delivering fruit from California’s most exclusive vineyards directly to your front door, by the pail or by the pallet.

Michael began making wine  both commercially and at home in 2006 and hasn’t missed a CA vintage since. In 2010 and 2011 Michael managed the harvest operations for another frozen grape must supplier. He is Certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers and his other winemaking experience includes time and harvests spent with:

Andrew Crews is deeply in love with home winemaking ever since he and his brother Michael made their first barrel of wine in the garage many years ago. He cares passionately about sharing the joys of winemaking and ensuring home winemakers have direct access to pure and natural wine grapes and juice that produce exceptional wines.





Frozen Must and Juice