2019 Orange Roussanne
Frozen Grape Must

Rattlesnake Hills AVA, Washington State

$165 Per 5 Gallon Pail

Harvested:  9/24/2019      Brix: 23.8, pH 3.31, TA .64

“The big surprise  is Roussanne, such purity, almost a crystaline nature to the Roussanne grown here.” Bob Betz, Master of Wine

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**This product is destemmed white grapes that include juice, skins, seeds and pulp and is intended for producing orange wine. 

“Orange Wine” is simply a white wine that is fermented on the skins.  The time the juice spends on the skins can be as little as a few days to as much a years long extended maceration. This time on the skins extracts color and has some oxidizing effects giving the wine an orangish hue. But more importantly it extracts phenololics and flavors from the skins and seeds giving the resulting wine much more structure and intensity than a traditional white wine. The wines are often made in a non-interventionist manner and aged underground in clay but vessels. But there are a lot of ways to make orange wine and you should never let the natural wine hipsters tell you that you’re doing it wrong. 

Roussanne is most famously known for it’s role in the Rhone Valley white wines of Chateauneuf du Pape, Hermitage, and St. Joseph. Here the wines are noted for their intense aromatics and distinct herbal/ tea leaf flavors. New world examples of Roussanne are better characterized by a “fruit salad” bouquet  that displays awide range of fruits ranging from tropical to orchard to citrus.


Roussanne-Rhone-Grapes-Juice-White-Frozen-Buy-Sale-Columbia Valley-Washington
Roussanne, Columbia Valley, Washington

Frozen Must and Juice