2019 Muscat Canelli
Frozen Grape Juice

Contra Costa County CA

  $165 per 5.25 gallon pail
Harvested:    9/24/19              Brix: 21.0 , pH: 3.94, TA: .52
Muscat Canelli, Contra Costa County

Also called Moscato bianco, Muscat blanc, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains , Muscat de Frontignan, Muscat de Lunel, Muscat d’Alsace Muscat Canelli is one the most aromatic and ancient grape varietals that exist. It’s extremely recognizable aroma of perfumey grape musk has been used in all manners of wines from the modern sparklers of Asti and dry whites of Alsace to the sweet wines of ancient Greece and Constancia. Muscat Canelli is also used in a number of Italian vermouths and French Vin du Naturel wines. It’s unmistakable aroma is known the world over.

The Eastern part of Contra Costa County is well known for extremely sandy and deep soils. Viticulture has been an important part of the area’s history since the Spanish Missionary days and the region is experiencing a resurgence due to efforts of winemakers like Ridge, Bedrock, and Cline Cellars.

The Cecchini Ranch was planted to Muscat Canelli in 2001 and is farmed with a strong emphasis on organic practices, soil building, livestock integration and minimal intervention. The vineyard ground is chemical free, irrigation is used as little as possible and biodiversity is maintained and supported. The vineyard shares the property with First Generation Farmers, an organic community farm and farm education campus that teaches and demonstrates the highest standards of organic farming in the USA.

Muscat Canelli, Contra Costa County

Frozen Must and Juice