2018 Orange Roussanne
Frozen Grape Must

Sold out!    Orange Roussanne – 5.0 Gal Destemmed Must

*This is grape must! (It has has skins and seeds and pulp)

Harvested September 12th — Brix: 23.3 — pH 3.13 — TA 7.73

What  is that orange stuff all the hipsters are drinking? Meet orange wine, the darling of millennials. But don’t be afraid, orange wine is just white wine that had longer than usual skin contact time prior to pressing, giving the wine an orangish-brown color and increased tannin and phenolics. Winemakers have been doing this a long time.

“The big surprise  is Roussanne, such purity, almost a crystaline nature to the Roussanne grown here.” Bob Betz, Master of Wine

Roussanne is most famously known for it’s role in the Rhone Valley white wines of Chateauneuf du Pape, Hermitage, and St. Joseph. Here the wines are noted for their intense aromatics and distinct herbal/ tea leaf flavors. New world examples of Roussanne are better characterized by a “fruit salad” bouquet  that displays awide range of fruits ranging from tropical to orchard to citrus.

The wines thrive in either neutral oak or stainless fermentations, so be very judicious with any new oak additions. The word Roussanne is derived from the French word roux which translates  to the reddish- brown (russet) color that the the grape takes on when ripening.

Roussanne-Rhone-Grapes-Juice-White-Frozen-Buy-Sale-Columbia Valley-Washington
Roussanne, Columbia Valley, Washington


Frozen Must and Juice