2018 Carignan
Frozen Grape Must

Lodi, California

Carignan – $135 per 5 gallon pail
Harvested 10/9/2018                        Brix: 22.4, pH: 3.76, TA: .57
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.52.50 PM    Ancient Vine Carignan grape must

These ancient vines have remained in production since being planted in 1906 (15 years before prohibition!).  There are only a handful of older plantings in the entire US.  The property was acquired by the Van Ruiten Family in the 1980’s with an agreement that the vines not be ripped out to make way for the expanding housing developments.  The Van Ruitens are third generation Lodi grape growers  and one of the top wine destinations in Lodi.

Carignan is most prominent in the warm climates of Southern France and Northern Spain, where it also goes by the names Carinena and Mazuelo.  Carignan usually  displays medium tannin, medium alcohol and medium acidity making it a very a well balanced wine ideally suited for food pairings.



Frozen Must and Juice