2017 Biodynamic Pinot Gris
Frozen Grape Juice

Willamette Valley, OR

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Harvested 10/11/2017                    Brix: 22.0, pH : 3.15, TA:

Oregon Pinot Gris is one of the least-talked-about, best-value wines on the market today. ” Eric Asimov, New York Times
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Biodynamic Pinot Gris Grapes

Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio as the Italians call it can be a tricky wine to understand. The Grigios of Italy are often cheap, neutral white wines meant for porch pounding everyday drinking and the Pinot Gris from is Alsace is usually weighty and oily in texture but can run from bone dry to late-harvest sweet.  Pinot Gris from Oregon lies somewhere between Italy and Alsace but also leaves plenty of room the for winemaker to express their style through decisions about sweetness, MLF, oak, and battonage. In general Oregon Pinot Gris tends to emphasize orchard fruits on the nose and have pronounced minerality in the mouth. The wine is a deep yellow copper colored and can have an orange or pink hue if left on the skins for before pressing.

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Biodynamic farming is essentially treating the land as a living entity. There are some rules about burying cow horns and lunar cycles that get a lot of attention but the central idea is that your vineyard is part of a living, receptive organism. Biodynamic farmers put great emphasis on soil health and achieve this through a variety of self-sustaining and at times esoteric preparations that are applied to the the soil. It’s not 100% understood or agreed upon why Biodynamic farming works so well but the movement is gaining momentum and some of the most famous vineyards in the world have converted to biodynamic practices (Domaine de la Romanée-ContiDomaine Huet, Selosse, Cayuse, Bonny Doon).

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