2016 Pinot Noir
Frozen Grape Must

Willamette Valley AVA, Oregon

Sold Out!    

Harvested 9/29/2016          Brix: 25.25 pH: 3.50

 $165 per 5 gallon pail

Like Burgundy in France,  the Willlamette Valley in Oregon is located on the 45th parallel. Both areas experience approximately the same number of degree days and an average rainfall of around 40 inches a year.  Unlike Burgundy however, Oregon receives almost all of it’s precipitation during the winter. This reduces the disease pressure Oregon growers face and also extends the growing season.

Our Willamette Valley Pinot Noir comes from just outside the town of Carleton, which is home to many of Oregon’s most famous Pinot Noir producers including Ken Wright, Dick Shea, Lynn Penner-Ash and Soter Vineyards.

The vines are planted in Woodburn series soils, which is  also called Willamette Silt . It formed from the  desposits of the Missoula Flood of the last ice age. The soils on the valley floor are deep allowing for the vines to be completely dry farmed.

Our grapes come from self-rooted Dijon Clone 777. This clone is known for it’s tiny clusters and for producing dark, rich Pinot Noir.

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Frozen Must and Juice