2016 Merlot

Suisun Valley AVA, North Coast CA

Harvested 10/3/2016      Brix: 27.30 pH: 4.01 TA .28

SOLD OUT!!!!!!      $125 per 5 gallon pail


Though often overshadowed by their famous neighbor to the north, the reputation of the Suisun Valley is changing quickly.  In 2016 Napa big shot winery Caymus  released their inaugural Suisun wine and so we got to work figuring out where their fruit was coming from and discovered one of their sources to be the this gemIMG_6675 of a Merlot vineyard. The vines run along Suisun Creek and the alluvial fan that spreads out across the valley originates here. The soils feature large amounts of alluvium mixed into Sycamore Silty Loam and volcanic gravels. This is coolest section of the valley and Steelhead still run up the creek each winter. The vineyard was planted in the late 80’s making it one of the oldest and lowest yielding sites in the AVA.

The Suisun Valley itself is located just south of the Napa Valley between the volcanic St. George range to the west and the sandstone laden Vaca Range to the east.




Frozen Must and Juice